Several EAP organizations are cooperating on a new project to increase LPG adoption across India. A collaboration between OFID, Saudi Aramco, Shell Foundation and Envirofit will establish a base infrastructure and validate the critical market learnings necessary to design a scalable business model for Envirofit’s SmartGas System in India. Approximately 1,000 households, representing nearly 5,000 people, in rural areas of the western Indian state of Maharashtra are expected to benefit.
The EAP welcomed its newest member: Saudi Aramco. It is the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise. Saudi Aramco’s scale of production, operational reliability, and technical advances, makes it the world’s largest producer of crude oil and condensate.

Access to modern energy services is considered a global imperative. It is a multi-dimensional and cross-cutting issue in socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. Energy poverty is a difficult challenge, but it is a challenge that contains an investment opportunity for the entire international community through strategic partnerships.

The overall goal of the Oil & Gas Industry Energy Access Platform (EAP) is to contribute to the achievement of SDG7 on universal energy access through the enormous potential of the industry to build upon its leadership, technology and much relevant business experience. 

Clean Cooking

feature clean cookingClean fuels and energy-efficient stoves can improve a family’s health, as well as reduce the time and resources needed to procure fuel.  More >>


feature mini gridMinigrids are often the only option for the electrification of remote areas.  More >>

Gas Utilization

feature gasGas-fired powered generation can be delivered to underserved markets in a cost-effective way. More >>

Ecosystems and Markets

feature stovesEnergy access initiatives to take due account of the local environment and address real needs in order to deliver social impact. More >>

Off-Grid Products

feature off gridImmediate solutions are needed to reach communities for which connection to the grid remains a long way off.  More >>

EAP Members

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